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Today we want to deliver a re-focused plan that will help lead our project through the rest of this crypto winter and into greener (digital) pastures. In this article we will lay out a proposed roadmap for how to attack the current situation. The goal: to let the crypto world know that we are still a force by showing our collective enthusiasm for our project and to continue to build out project infrastructure that will be ready to launch as the winter is subsiding. To accomplish this we will need synergy and activity from both those in community leadership positions (the team) and the community at large. Building a large global community always starts at the grassroots level. If we are able to continue harnessing the magic that lead to the formation of Pawthereum — a decentralized movement to help animals in need, a real global force for good (web3 white knights!) in an otherwise often maligned industry — we will position ourselves to do just that!

The plan

First, we want to be clear that this roadmap is a proposal. These are items that we have discussed and believe focusing on them will keep the project on track. We want the community as a whole to weigh in. We absolutely welcome suggestions on this roadmap. Furthermore, if you have a personal project that you want to contribute, we will never discourage you from taking initiative on that. In fact, we encourage that! Now, let’s get to the points.

Increase activity and social media marketing

From the team side of things, Konrad and Stéphan are taking the lead on a renewed social media drive. This point may sound obvious but it’s key to the success of any project, crypto or otherwise. There are plenty of tools, such as AI, that are making these things easier than ever. The more activity the better. We have a saying on the team: shoot your shot. That means taking an action that you think will help increase visibility to the project. It could be reaching out to another project, organization, celebrity, influencer, etc. We welcome the community to do the same.

As for paid marketing, we simply don’t have the resources to do that right now. To be honest, in this market, spending big on marketing could be compared to setting your money on fire. We’ll pass on that!

Obviously marketing is valuable when done right. As the market begins to turn around, and as resources becoming available, this is something we’d like to do more of. In the past we found banner ads on things like DEXTools and CoinMarketCap to be the best bang for our buck, and we’re open to other avenues as well. Suggestions once again are encouraged.

Steps toward decentralization

This is something we’ve been working on. It’s important for reasons that are beyond the scope of this article, but let’s just say certain platforms take this very seriously and we’d do well to continue taking these steps. It’s also the ultimate goal of a cryptocurrency project in terms of the larger decentralized finance goal. We’ve done many things to make this happen already, including:

  • Using multi-sig wallets for as many things as practicable
  • Open source code on GitHub with ability for anyone to make a pull request
  • SNAPSHOT voting at vote.pawthereum.com or my.pawthereum.com, proposals through PawDAO at dao.pawthereum.com
  • Setting up different policies at PawDAO, one includes information about the different functions in the Pawthereum Smart contract
  • Launching the worlds first charitable Decentralized Exchange: PawSwap

We have plans for continuing to move this forward, one being launching on a platform that allows us to have a voting mechanism with on-chain consequences without the team being in the middle. This would be a huge step in achieving the goal of decentralization and would be a big boost to the project.

Moar partnerships, increasing usage of PawSwap

One of the biggest things we have going for us is our track record. We’ve donated around $500,000 to help animals. Most of these donations are directly from us, but some are partner donations. That is, we collaborate with a project and we ultimately carry out the donation on their behalf. This is a win-win and it’s something we should try to do more of.

Rasmus has done a ton of great work in this regard: reaching out to projects, making partnerships, securing donations. He’s also reached out to and made ties with larger organizations in the philanthropy space that give us legitimacy in the real world as well as attended conference and spoke as a keynote at events. The more we all can reach out to organizations, projects, etc., the more we can build on this and make it a staple of our success.

As far as PawSwap goes, this is something Myk put a great deal of time into. It’s exactly the type of infrastructure the project can benefit from because it fulfills the mission of creating a charitable web3 experience. The bear market has been difficult in terms of adoption of the platform, but we should try to reach out to projects to get them on there. It’s easy to do and has benefits for those projects as well. Reach out in TG if you’re interested in helping with this task.

Pawthereum NFT marketplace

An NFT marketplace with a Pawthereum twist is something Myk is already working on. Everyone will get the opportunity to test this and give feedback. This (in addition to PawSwap) is an opportunity to grow a userbase.

There are few projects, relative to the number that are out there, that take the charity mission seriously. We can stand out here, we just need more people to know about us.

As far as launch window, we don’t think it makes sense to launch this in the bear market. We’ve done that before with suboptimal results. As I said, Myk is building this already, so be prepared to test and give feedback as well as help spread the word so that we can hit the ground running when it’s launched.

Community involvement

Above are a handful of things that everyone reading this can help with. To recap:

  • Social media activity, spreading the word, and shooting your shot
  • Participate in suggestions, proposals, and voting
  • Find leads on projects that you’d like to see Pawthereum participate with or sign up on PawSwap, direct them to the team
  • Help with testing of new projects (such as the NFT marketplace), give feedback
  • Start your own Pawthereum related sub-project, have fun with it

Beyond these things, there have also been proposals in Telegram about the possibility of electing a community liaison. Someone who has certain elevated privileges that can take on and lead initiatives to benefit the project. We think this is an interesting idea and would love to hear more if folks are still interested. Finally, another discussion point in Telegram was the use of titles in the team section. We have updated the team section of the website to community focused titles that are a better reflection of the nature of a cryptocurrency project.

Thanks for bearing with us 🐻

With all that said, we’ll wrap it up with this last paragraph. The last months (and let’s be honest, almost two years!) have not been easy to crypto owners, including us Pawtherians. Many projects will not survive the bear market. In fact, many have already been totally abandoned, sadly. But we are survivors. Lots of us no doubt remember the Grumpy days, when the project was blacklisted from Uniswap. Enough of us truly believed in the mission to carry on. This lead to all sorts of crazy things, culminating in Mr. Wonderful shouting out the project out of nowhere. Yes, the market has had other ideas since then, but if we stick together we can accomplish a lot. Capturing lightning in a bottle is no easy task. Many things can be out of our control, however, if we can remain on track and spread our positive message we have a shot at accomplishing something special. That’s all you can ask for!

See you in TG,

The Pawthereum Core Team




Pawthereum, a community-focused crypto project with the aim to help animals in need. contact@pawthereum.com