Pawth to Glory: Updates and Recent News

3 min readSep 9, 2023

In this article, we are excited to share some updates and recent developments at Pawthereum. As we continue to pursue our mission of helping animal shelters, we are making progress on various fronts. From partnerships and donations to the launch of our NFT marketplace, we are committed to making a positive impact in the animal welfare space.

1. Partnering with World Animal Protection (WAP) on The Giving Block (TGB):

We are pleased to announce that Pawth has successfully renewed its partnership with World Animal Protection for another year on The Giving Block. This important collaboration enables us to continue supporting animal shelters and making a difference in their lives. As a part of this ongoing commitment, we have prepared a new small donation for WAP. Despite the challenges in the market, we remain steadfast in our mission. If any community members wish to contribute, please reach out to the Core Team.

2. Launching the NFT Marketplace:

We are thrilled to introduce improvements on our NFT Marketplace, which serves as an additional revenue stream and an innovative opportunity for virtual adoptions. By possibly integrating our NFT Marketplace with Base Protocol, we could create a seamless bridge that helps save fees. This exciting development opens up new possibilities for animal lovers to engage with our project and support our cause. To enhance the quality of our NFTs, we have also welcomed Ramiro Alban, a digital Animal Artist, to our team. With his expertise, we are confident in delivering top-notch NFTs to our community.

3. Vote to Decrease Tax and Increase Daily Volume:

To boost the daily volume of Pawthereum, we will be initiating a vote to decrease the tax percentages. Currently, the tax stands at 2% for Erc20 (Uniswap) and 8% for Bep20 (PancakeSwap). The proposal aims to reduce the tax to a minimum of 0.2% for Ethereum and 0.8% for Binance Protocol. By implementing this change, we aim to encourage more participation and trading activity within the Pawthereum ecosystem.

4. Leadership Transition:

Amidst our CEO’s current challenges, we are committed to providing him with the support and time needed for a full recovery. Nawa will stay part of the the Core Team. During this interim period, we are thrilled to share that our very own Core Member, Kone51, has assumed the leadership role at Pawth. With his exceptional expertise and unwavering dedication, we have complete confidence in our ability to navigate this crypto winter successfully. Kone51 is one of the longest Pawth (formally Grumpy) Holders und fully dedicated to the success of Pawthereum. Rest assured, our mission to support animal shelters remains at the forefront, and we are excited about the positive future that lies ahead for Pawthereum

5. Pawthereum CCO Rasmus Scheuer Shares Insights on Web 3.0 at Nordic Chain Conference:

The Nordic Chain Conference, held annually in the heart of Scandinavia, brings together technology enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders to discuss the latest developments in blockchain and decentralized technologies. This year, the conference featured an exceptional speaker lineup, including Rasmus Scheuer, the Chief Communications Officer (CCO) of Pawthereum. Rasmus took the stage to shed light on the transformative potential of Web 3.0 technology and its implications for the future.


At Pawthereum, we remain committed to our mission of helping animal shelters and making a positive impact in the animal welfare space. With ongoing partnerships, the launch of our NFT Marketplace, and a dedicated team, we are excited about the future. We invite community members to join us in this journey and contribute to our cause. Together, we can pave the way to glory for animals in need.




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