😺Hello, $Grumpy community!😺

As you know the CEX accepted our counter-offer for a listing fee of 1 BTC and 0.4 BTC worth of Grumpy. The fees cover technical integration costs, extensive marketing/ promotions, and any structural expenses. This listing agreement will give $GRUMPY access to a huge variety of growing markets which will thrust our project into the spotlight and allow for our community to expand exponentially. The name of the CEX in question cannot be revealed at this time for a number of reasons. Right now nobody else but the core team knows it, not even the largest whales. We have a non-disclosure agreement with them and we will announce the partnership at the same time as the CEX.

We have the agreement and to finalize this we need the listing fee to be paid in full along with the appropriate signatures from the foundation… so let’s make it happen.

✅ COLLECTION OF FEES — We are hoping to collect the required amount over the next week or so. The plan is to utilize donations from a number of sources, including the Core Team, our friendly Whales, and donations from the $Grumpy community. Our Core Team and Whales have agreed to donate 10% — 25% of the total Grumpy’s in their wallet. We, the core group, have as a collective donated 25% of our total wallets to charity and dev wallets and now I have also put over 22% of my wallet to fund the listing.

✅ SECURE AND TRUSTYWORTHY PAYMENT — We appreciate the seriousness and importance of this type of payment and for it to be conducted and executed through the right channels. The plan is for the signing of the listing agreement and the payment will be processed via our legal entity in the Netherlands.

✅ DONATIONS NOT MANDATORY — We would like to reiterate that donations from the community ARE NOT MANDATORY, we do not require anyone to donate, we would simply like to ask you to consider it. If you should decide to contribute, the wallet address is as follows:



✅ We have also set up a BTC wallet if you prefer to contribute in that way:


✅ PROGRESS BAR IMPLEMENTATION — This neat tool will be updated in real-time on our website. It is designed to keep all our community members fully up to date with our goals. Please look out for it on the official website at https://grumpy.finance

✅ SHILLING APPROACH EXPLAINED — The value and the traffic this project has received for the past weeks were done without any kind of promotion or shilling. Vice versa, we have specifically stated to the community not to promote it and advised them to refrain from shilling it. So when the right time comes, we will begin our promotional campaign in collaboration with the CEX and their marketing team. Once this starts to take shape there will be no limit to what can be achieved with $GRUMPY in the rest of 2021 and beyond. The sooner we collect the needed amount the sooner the listing process can start. It takes more and less about 10–15 days for the integration to finalize but the announcement with the exchange will happen a week before that. Let’s go ahead and make it happen!

😺 Thank you again for your time and consideration, as always, stay $Grumpy! 😺

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