😸 First of May Caturday Update 😸

“And then came the first day of May”, What better date for an INCREDIBLE $GRUMPY update? The GRUMPY Core team hopes this post will give every community member some great further insight into our current standing as well as our ethos and vision for how we would like to take this project forward.

✅ FOUNDATION ESTABLISHED — The main goal in the last week or so was to set up a foundation as soon as possible. Skin has made great progress in setting this up properly in the Netherlands. He has communicated and established a working relationship with a formal notary. They were very enthusiastic and eager to learn about the project and have offered to help us out in any way they can. Following on from these initial formalities our focus is firmly on constructing and writing an in-depth business plan and Whitepaper. Further to this, we have also been able to start the process of registering to rent virtual office space for $Grumpy to utilize and operate from.


We received a listing agreement from a major CEX to list the current $GRUMPY token on their exchange for 2 BTC + 0.8 BTC of $GRUMPY. We didn’t see this offer as being’ fair’ to us given the current size and relative youth of the project. After some constructive discussions we made them a counteroffer of 1 BTC + 0.4 BTC worth of $GRUMPY and we EXTREMELY ECSTATIC to say that this has been accepted! The fees whilst seemingly substantial actually look to be very good value on the face of it when you consider the breakdown. The fees cover technical integration costs, extensive marketing/ promotions, and any structural expenses. The initial Trading pair that would be available for the time being will be $GRUMPY/$USDT in order to not spread out volume over a lot of different pairs. This will also be music to a lot of people’s ears that want a more convenient buying approach than having to go via Uniswap, Ethereum(ETH), and the whole gas fee situation.

✅ We as a community know how many obstacles and hurdles this project has had and what every investor supporting it has gone through to get to this place. Know that it will always be the darkest right before dawn, and we are gearing up for some very nice summer sunshine.

To keep the good news rolling, this listing agreement would give $GRUMPY access to huge potential growing markets that will increase awareness to our community a thousandfold and more. The listing agreement is very sensible and will be signed properly by both parties. For any concerns about how the recent C&D would affect this listing agreement, the following was requested to be added to our counteroffer:

“Exemption: CEX is aware of the current Cease & Desist order issued by Grumpy Cat Ltd in the United States of America, received by this community token to stop using Grumpy Cat name since it’s trademarked in that country. All required measures were taken but the token name registered in the ERC20 smart contract is immutable. The exchange accepts not to delist this token because of any advances in this complaint and support an eventual token swap if needed and technically viable.”

This listing will have a very positive impact on $GRUMPY’s legitimacy as a token and the CEX is also going to support our eventual fork. This listing is a major step that is going to define the future of this project. Let’s all make this happen!

✅We have set up a 3rd multi-sig ETH wallet in order to collect funds for the listing fee. We are also adding a progress bar on our website so that you can track the status in real-time. We are considering different ways of raising the funds and find it best to try and combine different options. First, We as the Core group will raise some on our own. Secondly, we will ask some very friendly whales to also chip in and finally, we are thinking of even more alternative ways of raising funds from the community. For example, the selling of some hugely exciting and innovative collectible NFT’s based on different tiers of availability.

We would kindly like to ask what everyone thinks about this and will provide a survey for you to indicate your interests/ideas, please look forward to the survey, and let us know!

✅Regarding our AMA on 4/29, we have recorded the session and a video is in the works that will be uploaded to our Youtube channel. While this is a learning process for us too, we feel like we’ve made great steps and will continue to improve our AMAs over time.

For any future AMA’s, they will be announced early so every community member has enough time to propose the questions they would want to see answered on our “AMA Channel” over at our $GRUMPY Discord server!

❌ MEOWDAO UPDATE — We always have and always will have our doors open to any kind of suggestions and offers. We have tried to stay friendly and neutral to any form of interest, conversation or prospective partnerships. We have made contacts with numerous parties and different individuals over the past month and we continue to seek these types of engagements to continue to work towards establishing $GRUMPY within the crypto sphere.

One of these groups is called meowdao, which has developed a fork of the $GRUMPY smart contract on their own. While they are certainly within their rights to do so, since the $GRUMPY token is a publicly-owned asset, we feel like their project is far from completion. Our view is that it has been quickly concocted together as a quick escape from what we represent and therefore there are certain elements of the project that will have been rushed through without certain considerations or the correct due diligence.

They have designed and developed it without any form of input or suggestions from our core team, and have even acted in a hostile manner at times against us. We find that this is not the way to build a strong community and ultimately, the discussion fell apart relatively swiftly after we noticed that their conception was too far removed from ours for any collaboration to remain plausible.

❌ FORKING FAKE NEWS — We Feel the need to inform you, the Community, that ANY kind of fork, swap, or anything else that promotes themselves as being an extension or next version of $GRUMPY is simply NOT TRUE. We the $GRUMPY core team are not affiliated with these projects. Any messages from groups like SRVL, GrumpyX, MeowDAO, Olive, or Grumpee should be taken with extreme caution and as a result, we cannot endorse them in any way shape, or form. Regarding our future forking plans, we’ve made our intentions on this very clear so please pay attention to our official channels for any news about this.

So as a word of advice, please be careful out there and make sure that you confirm your (financial) moves before making them by checking in with our $GRUMPY community. We are here for you and for your support!

Thank you all for staying along for the ride and we hope that you all have a great rest of your Saturday Caturday 😻.

Yours truly,

😺 The Grumpy Core Team 😺

‼️ Your Safety ‼️

❌Official channels will never add you to their group

❌Admins will never message you asking for funds

❌Beware of potential $GRUMPY imposters

Stay safe, stay vigilant, and #staygrumpy