Pawthereum helps to save Animals in Argentina!

Donation to Animal Shelter in Argentina!

We hope everyone is having a Pawesome summer. We are back with another medium article to announce a donation and post some other project updates!

Pawthereum Makes Another Donation During the 2022 Bear Market

The Pawthereum project has made a $1k USDC donation is to a small rescue in Argentina, RESCUEADOPTIONAR. The sanctuary was built and continues to be operated by a long-time Pawthereum community member, Santiago!

“I approached Pawthereum, I learned about its wonderful community and I also understood what Pawthereum does for all the vulnerable animals in the world, I approached the team and thank God, they are going to help me!”

— Santiago

Santiago has been a vocal community member in the Pawthereum Telegram and has a history of posting content about the animals that his shelter rescues including building animal wheelchairs! Wheelchairs for disabled animals are expensive but Santiago is a builder by trade and has the skills to craft wheelchairs for only the cost of materials. If you know any animals who could use this service, reach out Santiago in the Pawthereum Telegram chat!

Santiago gives a tour of his sanctuary, RESCUEADOPTIONAR, and the cats he rescued

The Argentinian animal shelter was constructed in 2012 and has since rescued 36 cats and 15 dogs. Great work, Santiago!

Update on the Construction of the Pawthereum HODLing Room

Our friends from Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) are working hard to build the new Wildlife Center in Washington, USA. They sent over a brand new video to keep all of the Pawtherians updated on the progress of the Wildlife Center’s construction (and especially the Pawthereum HODLing Room!).

For those who don’t know, the Pawthereum HODLing Room is a branded space in the new PAWS Wildlife Center where newly animals to the hospital are held to decompress and calm down before they are evaluated. We couldn’t be more proud to put the Pawthereum name on such an important room!


We are still working hard on the PawSwap DEX. Most of the UI was recently re-written from scratch due to some upgrades of the core technology. We made a decision to use more stable web3 technologies for this version of the DEX and we are very pleased with how fast and polished the experience is as a result! Stay tuned for more PawSwap news soon :)

Are you a dev with React.js, Solidity, or similar skills and want to help animals with your code? Hop into our Telegram chat and let us know!

Wrap Up

That does it for this update. We want to thank you for reading and for being engaged in our community as we continue Pawthereum’s mission to help animals with blockchain technology!

The Pawthereum Core Team



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Pawthereum, a community-focused crypto project with the aim to help animals in need.