😾 Grumpy community 😾

CEX accepted our counter-offer for a listing fee of 1.4 BTC. This listing agreement will give $GRUMPY access to a huge variety of growing markets which will thrust our project into the spotlight and allow for our community to expand exponentially. The sooner we collect the needed amount the sooner the listing process can start. It takes more or less about 10–15 days for the integration to finalize but the announcement with the exchange will happen a week before that. Let’s go ahead and make it happen!

✅ WEBSITE TRANSLATED — We have translated our website into 7 different languages including English.

Languages translated are:

We are working on other languages as well. If you feel like your community would benefit from translating then let us know.

✅ COINMARKETCAP UPDATE — CMC has finally updated ALL of our social media links and you can see the feed from our Twitter and Reddit straight from their website.


✅ COLLECTION OF FEES — We started the collection progress 03.05.2021 and we have collected 40% of our total amount needed. The core team has donated to it and we are positive that the listing would happen in less than 2 months.

✅ DONATIONS NOT MANDATORY — We would like to reiterate that donations from the community are not mandatory, we do not require anyone to donate, we would simply like to ask you to consider it. If you should decide to contribute go to this address https://grumpy.finance/funding/ so you can see the different ways of donating and the current progress of our donations.

✅ We have now set up LTC and Dogecoin wallets so you can contribute that way without worrying too much about gas fees

✅ SHILLING APPROACH EXPLAINED — The value and the traffic this project has received for the past weeks were done without any kind of promotion or shilling. Vice versa, we have specifically stated to the community not to promote it too much yet and advised them to refrain from shilling it too. So when the right time comes, which is coming ever closer by the day, we will begin our promotional campaign in collaboration with the CEX and their marketing team. Once this starts to take shape there will be no limit to what can be achieved with $GRUMPY in the rest of 2021 and beyond. Let’s go ahead and make it all happen together!

😺 Thank you again for your time and consideration, as always, #staygrumpy! 😺